Add£º2/F, No.2 Building, Zhongkenuo Industrial Park, Hezhou Development Zone, Xixiang, Bao'an Dist, Shenzhen, China
        Candeon Technologies Co. Ltd. is a sole foreign-ventured company in Shenzhen, China. We engage in the design, manufacture, and marketing of electric/electronic products for personal hygiene.
        Our Mission: to provide the most essential electronic products for personal hygiene in the market place.
        Our Vision: to be a leader in personal hygiene products of superior quality and value that improve the lives of consumers
        Our Value: our people and the values by which we live. Our people will always be the most important asset. Our company is built on leadership, integrity, trust, accountability and passion for innovation and success.
        We specialize in and focus on personal hygiene products. Feedback of our products from customers and dental professionals has been overwhelmingly positive.
        We produce our products with proven technology and quality. We achieve high production efficiency and transfer the benefit to our customers by providing affordable high-quality products. Our goal is to improve living standard of our consumers, and we work very hard for this goal.
        Our experienced management team has passion for innovation, growth and success. We are the market leader in rechargeable Oral Irrigator and other oral-care products in the Chinese market. Every Candeonian is proud to be part of the company to build highest possible products and excellent service.
        We are committed to developing products to enhance the health and well-being of our customers. We continue to reinvent ourselves with the latest technologies and inventions. Our strong social responsibility drives us to develop eco-friendly products to conserve natural resources.